Pat and Larry 3rd,  Brian and Chad 2nd Brock and Dustin 1st place

Pat and Larry 3rd, Brian and Chad 2nd Brock and Dustin 1st place

Welcome to the North Idaho Pike Association.

The purpose of this group is to bring together people that have a passion for pike fishing, the survival of pike fishing and to become friends on an informal competitive level.

2015 marks our 12th Anniversary

Each year we conduct seven member and one open tournament in lakes and reservoirs of North Idaho and Western Montana. (See our Schedule page) Cash prizes are awarded and recognitions given for each tournament. Information about the tournaments and membership in the association is found in our Bylaws on our Resource page.

Main Chains Event

2015-04-19 10:59:01 brock

Congrats to Joshua and Jaden taking the top spot at our first event of the season with 17.04#. Jeremy and Mike took second, including big fish of 5.80# and a total weight of 15.04#. Rob and Ryan held off the others for third with 13.74#. Great job!!!!

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Ice Breaker

2015-03-29 10:07:01 brock

Congratulations to Johnny Masita winning this year’s ice breaker. His fish weighing 10.58# bested the other 31 entries. It was a windy day on the water and the big waves off Arrow Point kept most teams on the north end. Cougar bay gave up this year’s winner. Great job all!!!


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Ice Breaker

2015-03-27 08:05:19 brock

Tomorrow is the Day- Event starts at 8am at Higgins Point on North CDA. Hopefully everyone will be there a little early and we will see some new faces.  I cant wait!!!!!!

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Thank You Marks Marine

2015-03-27 07:57:22 brock

We had a great evening at Marks Marine putting on a seminar for 165 guests. Dan Pierce and Myself were lucky enough to hang out with a great group and talk about our beloved pike. Thank you all for allowing us to represent the club and hopefully we sparked some interest and brought in some new members. Also special thanks to Gage and Patrick for bringing flyers and the laptop, and Terry, Nathan, and Dustin for showing support.

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Gearing Up

2015-03-22 19:47:40 brock

This is a big week for our club.

3/26/2015 we are hosting the pike fishing seminar at Marks Marine for our second seminar of the season. This is a lot of fun and the more club members the better. Dan Pierce, Gary Franta and Myself will be speaking so please wish us luck.

3/28/2015 Is our Ice Breaker event on CDA. We are launching at Higgins point this year. This is an open, fun event to help introduce people to our club. Its a half day event and $10.00 per person. There is no limit to how many people in your boat, however they all must be entered. Big Fish takes all- 80% payout. Artificial Lures only…..And yes-The fish are biting!!!

Also the by-laws have been updated. It is the participants responsibility to know the rules so please review them. I will have several copies at the ice-breaker.

The schedule is in stone- All events are permitted. We had to move the Hayden event to the 17th.

Hope to see all of you this week-

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