Awards Banquet 2016

Welcome to the North Idaho Pike Association.

The purpose of this group is to bring together people that have a passion for pike fishing, the survival of pike fishing and to become friends on an informal competitive level.

2016 marks our 13th Anniversary

Each year we conduct seven member and one open tournament in lakes and reservoirs of North Idaho and Western Montana. (See our Schedule page) Cash prizes are awarded and recognitions given for each tournament. Information about the tournaments and membership in the association is found in our Bylaws on our Resource page.


2017-04-23 19:43:15 brock

What a beautiful day on the water. Hayden lake gave us all her beauty welcoming the start of our 2017 season. However— The fish did not participate, 29 anglers on 15 teams fished for 9.5hrs granting our fisher-people 4 fish… FOUR FISH. Thats 1 fish every 69hrs on the water.

Shane and Cody set the stage catching the money fish measuring just over 36″ and weighing 17.64#. It was a great start to Shane having his own team after last being season champion in 2015 with Dan. Dan and Dakota also started strong  taking second followed by Tony/Scott and Joshua and Nate, Each team catching 1 fish.  This was also Shanes first event win and Im sure doing it with his son in the boat made it even better. Congrats!!!

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Schedule Change

2017-03-21 06:46:21 brock

Please note the schedule changes in April and May.

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Ice Breaker

2017-03-16 05:19:46 brock

Due to the fact we do not have any actual Ice Breaking Tug Boats and that Hayden Lake is still Completely froze over, yes that is right-March 16 and the lake is still covered, we have no choice but to cancel this years event. $60 membership dues will be extended to April 15th.

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John Walker

2016-12-10 07:13:05 brock

Saturday December 3rd John Walker moved on, John always brought a big smile, contagious laugh, and a tall tale to each weigh in. He helped the club become what it is today bringing encouragement and a positive outlook. John will be missed dearly by all those who were lucky enough to know him. We are blessed that his legacy is still with us, Patrick and the Walker family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this difficult time.

Here is a gofund me page set up to help with expenses, if you are able to donate


Rest in Peace our friend

Rest in Peace our friend

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And the season ends

2016-10-23 06:22:24 brock

With the 2016 points events coming to a close Brian Basler and Chad Davenport put an exclamation mark on their great season. They all but had the season locked up but came to play, they won their 3rd event of the season, caught this years big fish at 25.10# and took Big creel which took the tie breaker from the Wirths for Most creel bonus points. Great Job !!! The Wirths, Brock/Dustin and Patrick/Larry  battled for second and third with the Wirths coming out on top and Brock/Dustin edged out Patrick/Larry thanks to Their big fish on Hayden breaking the tie. What a great end to another fabulous year. Although we are seeing a dip in numbers and/or size of the pike in all the lakes 2017 will be an exciting year for NIPA.


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