What a beautiful day on the water. Hayden lake gave us all her beauty welcoming the start of our 2017 season. However— The fish did not participate, 29 anglers on 15 teams fished for 9.5hrs granting our fisher-people 4 fish… FOUR FISH. Thats 1 fish every 69hrs on the water.

Shane and Cody set the stage catching the money fish measuring just over 36″ and weighing 17.64#. It was a great start to Shane having his own team after last being season champion in 2015 with Dan. Dan and Dakota also started strong  taking second followed by Tony/Scott and Joshua and Nate, Each team catching 1 fish.  This was also Shanes first event win and Im sure doing it with his son in the boat made it even better. Congrats!!!

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