Noxon 2017 was a scortcher, 2 Days of high heat on Noxon Rapids¬† didn’t stop Patrick/Larry from having one of the greatest 2 day total weights in club history -78.92#, just shy of the 80.06# record. Both days Larry hauled in a final hour Monster, 16.14 day 1 and topping that with a 24.40 monster on day 2. They both joyfully dedicated this event to Patricks dad, John. What a Great Job and I know John laughed and smiled from above all weekend.

Doc Morse and Kit grabbed second place with an impressive 2 day total of 53.82#, Brock/Brian, Wirths, and Basler/Johnny finished out the top 5. 17 out of 24(12 teams daily) were full creels. Rhonda/Terry caught 26+ fish over the weekend including their first double hook up and weighed full creels each day-New comers Jay and John also weighed full creels both days-

The Points race is TIGHT at the midway point, Basler leads with points earned but Patrick/Larry currently hold all 6 Bonus points with heavy weights. check out the standings page!!

What a great group you all are and Thank You for making this such a fun and exciting year!!!


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