Letter to Team Captains Oct 15th-2017


Just over 15yrs ago from today I was lucky enough to fish the 1st Hayden Lake Pike Tournament. It was a great experience put on by Bob Volz and Ray Menke, It was supposed to be co-sponsored by the Montana Pike Masters, however they did not show and it was all Bob and Rae. Myself being a spry 28yr old loved the competition and the comradery of the group and thought, hey we have something here. I mentioned it to Bob and he was on board instantly. We got a few friends together and drank some beer and had some pizza and Boom, 14yrs later, here we are.

I left the club for a few years and now Bob has stepped away but the original vision is fully intact. Rules, regulations and many faces have changed along the way. I have met some amazing people through this group, fishing with 16+ of them, and look forward to those I have yet to meet. I have been able to share this with my friends and family over the years, some get it, some don’t. I myself still love the challenge and comradery of all the events and look forward to many more years ahead.

Away from the club my passion for Pike fishing is by far my greatest hobby. I have no idea how many people I have been able to share it with but at last count I was at 31 first time pike catchers. I love watching someone use a lure I made to catch a Northern. It’s been a way for me to be able to give. Northerns have been weaved into the fabric of Idaho for over 50yrs and I hope that we all work together for the long-term health of this fishery to be able to continue to share this with others.

I Thank you all for sharing this 2017 experience with me.


I wanted to update all teams on the upcoming Fall Classic.

We have been accused of releasing fish. As a response F&G requested that all fish must be killed before weighing to keep our permit. The board voted 5-1 in favor of granting the request. This means that Larry will not weigh live fish for this event. As usual if you do not want your fish other members will happily take them. Also as a reminder we are not permitted to fish Tribal Waters. see bellow for Map.

Rob has invited ALL members to stay at their family cabin Friday and Saturday night. Friday night is 50 cent tacos at One shot Charlies and Saturday is a bring your own meat BBQ and potluck. RSVP please. The cabin can sleep 12 in Beds and lots of room for cots and sleeping Bags.

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