Ice Breaker 2014 was a great day – 35 brave souls fished this year’s event-

Rob brought in the winning fish and a new unofficial club record- 27# 1oz, what a beautiful fish worth $350.00

The next 3 places came from the (surprise surprise) Hicks boat, with Anthony hauling in a 14# even for the Affordable Motorcycle Repair sponsored 2nd place of $50.00

Hunter and Tim also had 13+ #ers for 3&4Th, followed by Ryan with 10# 9oz.

Several 3-8# fish were also caught in the 4.5hr event.

 The club has 14 paid teams and has 3 more committed for the April 5th start. We are doing a great job getting ahead of schedule for the 1 in 100 raffle. As of today we have 44 tickets left.

Fins and Feathers is having their 20 year anniversary of the Lester V. Smith pike tournament and we, NIPA is needed to help out. Jeff would like 10+ volunteers to help out during and after Saturdays weigh in. We will have a signup sheet this Saturday. Jeff and his store has been a huge supporter of our club and this is an excellent opportunity for us to show our appreciation.

This past Saturday I was fortunate to be able to run to the chains- All lakes were accessible from the river. The water was very muddy and rough from the wind. We caught 0 pike. That means the bite will be on by Saturday. The water was about 6-12” below summer level. We hope to see you all there.


Thank You,

Brock Morrow-  

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