NIPA News Feb 2014



Hello to All,

Another season is here!!! The board has been busy preparing for another great year and voted on the changes for the coming year.

1) Rhonda having web access and being responsible for media.

Approved 6-0

Rhonda will be given access to web for Media purposes

2) Motor banner required

Rejected 1-5

Motor banners will not be required for 2014 season- although highly recommended

3) Membership expansion Part B 23Boats – 25Boats

Approved 6-0 0 – 6

Membership is set at 25 Boats for the 2014 season

4) Heaviest creel of the year Bonus to be changed Part B Most Fish- Most Full Creels

Approved 6-0 2 – 4

Most Full Creels will replace Heaviest creel for 2014 Bonus points

5) End of year Bonus point value change

Rejected 2-4

End of year Bonus points will continue to be worth 3pts each.

6) Change to Minimum events fished to be eligible for season championship.

Rejected 1-5

A team must still only fish 4 events to be eligible for championship.

7) 2014 point format

A) 2013 format 7-6-5.5-5-4.5-4-4——— 2votes

B) Prop A 9-8-7-6.5-6-5.5-5-5—— 1vote

C) Prop B 9-8-7.5-7-6.5-6-5.5-5-5– 3votes

Prop B has been approved for the 2014 season.

The board also voted 6-0 to move the Icebreaker to March 22nd

I have had numerous inquiries from potential new members and still have 2 people looking for non-boaters. Hopefully most of the potential new teams will be at the March 1st meeting at Wildcat. For those that have paid membership for 2014 thank you. Membership is due at the first point event in April but early registration is very helpful. Also we are having a 1hr class on pike fishing at Cabelas March 1st at noon. I believe Tim and Dan will be the teachers. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me. Looking forward to making 2014 a great year.

Thank you all and please support our sponsors,

Brock Morrow-

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