NIPA NEWS Sept-Oct 2014

NIPA NEWS Sept- Oct 2014

With the points race getting tight Noxon was sure to be a place to try to stock up on full creel bonus pts, and that held true. We had 11 teams show up and on day 1 9 full creels came in. Morrow/Howe leading after day 1 with 20.40#, big fish of 7.98# and total weight of 20.28# for 2nd belonged to Brian/Chad. Rob/Zack had 16.92# for 3rd for the day.

Day 2 was more of the same. 8 full creels, Patrick/Larry came in with 25.72#, which is the heaviest full creel of the year, and big fish of 8#, Brian/Chad brought in 23.98# followed by Morrow/Howe with 22.20#.

The 2 day total was Brian/Chad with 44.26#, Morrow/Howe followed with 42.60#, and Patrick/Larry took over 3rd with 41.42#. Exactly the order of the points race at the end of this event.

To say it best Noxon is no longer the fishery we have seen in years past. Every team present at the club BBQ voted to move this to Flathead Lake next year. Also topics of discussion is the questionnaire I sent out late August. Only six of the 18 were returned so nothing was decided. We need member input so please return them by Rocky PT.

Hayden Lake Pike Tournament was extremely tough fishing with only 5 full creels weighed in over the event, only 2 by club members. I however am not complaining, Dustin caught the clubs first 40” fish of the season for Saturday’s big fish of 19.20# and secured us the early lead with 3 fish for 27.34# on day 1. Non-members Carney/Carney weighed 4 fish for 19.60#, Erickson weighed 4 fish for 18.90#, Members Kevin/Justus held 4th with 4 fish for 16.84#

Day 2 was even tougher but I was blessed with my personal best and new club record with big fish on day 2 weighing in at 27.34# giving our team a 2 day total of 54.68#. Erickson who was the only team to have full creels each day took second with 38.24#. Cook/ V.Marmon came from the depths with their own monster of 21.16# and a couple kickers to move into 3rd with 27.72#. Carney/Carney finished 4th with 21.80 followed by Kevin/Justus with 20.72#. Patrick/Larry weighed the only other full creel.

I’m truly grateful that I caught this fish in an event, mostly because it was awesome to share this experience with all the teams. I have waited a long time to break the 40” mark, and it couldn’t have happened in a more perfect way. The trophy is equally the story and the fish. Thank you for all congratulations, I appreciate them all so much.

Bob again put on a great event with tons of raffle prizes, Thank you Robert. Patrick did an excellent job as the weigh master giving Bob a break. The points race is very tight with several scenarios that will play out at Rocky Pt. on the 25th.  I love that we are a club, a group of awesome people sharing a passion for perhaps the most misunderstood fish in the lake.

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