Tips and Tricks

In early spring vary the speed of your jerkbaits. Generally the slower the better, but on occasion extremely aggressive retrieves can trigger a strike. So before you pick up and move spots do a couple extra casts with fast pops and quick twitches, maybe it will make all the differance.


To keep fish alive add 1/3 cup non iodized rock salt to every 5 gallons in your live well. And whenever the surface temp exceeds 75 degrees, fill your live well in early am and add ice when adding fish. try to keep water temp at 65 degrees.


Patrick suggests using a good size frog hook trailer on giant tube baits. He pops and slacks his line having the bait glide back and forth. This is a sight bait.

Dustin uses a rip slack, rip slack retrieve while using spoons. The spoon will flutter when slack and thump when ripped or popped. If you feel weight set hook.


Brock loves spinner baits. on the cast let fall to desired depth and then start a steady retrieve. 90% of the time I stay steady, occasionally I will drop the lure at the boat or on the weed edge. Also try trolling off the weed edge when the bite is slow.

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