Nipa News January 2015

Pat and Larry 3rd, Brian and Chad 2nd Brock and Dustin 1st place

Pat and Larry 3rd placeBrian and Chad 2nd placeBrock and Dustin 1st place
Pat and Larry 3rd, Brian and Chad 2nd Brock and Dustin 1st place

What an awesome way to end the year and start the next. Last minute venue change and it still worked out fine. 36 people filled up the Pizza Factory banquet room Saturday the 17th as we wrapped up the end of 2014 season and Looked forward to 2015. Thanks to our sponsors we raffled off 88 items to club members- Very awesome.

2014 saw some awesome fish weighed in, 3 fish over 25#-Rob, Brock, and Justus with 2 breaking the club record and 1 measuring a staggering 48”. We had 4 different teams win club events this year, and club members also won the 2 biggest Non- club Pike Tournaments in the area. Fins Tourney hit 100 entries and we scored 4 of the top 9 places- Dan and Shane ended up taking first in the biggest pike tourney ever held in the western United States. (Yes bigger than Fort Peck or 11-mile). Chad and Mike held up the Prize Money at the U of I event this fall. Newcomers Brain and Chad came into the club bringing some great skills as they took second overall, Patrick and Larry took 3rd and Brock and Dustin again teamed up to take the top place.

We also continue to watch the decline of the Noxon Monsters, while Hayden Produced 3 40” fish in 3 days of events, and Cda gave us another 3 in 4 days. We are truly blessed to have the fisheries in the area we have- For now; as we can only hope those that feel they have lost, do not become the takers and alter our current multi species fisheries. As club members I encourage each individual to be a steward of the waters and be informed to set an example to others.

Let’s congratulate new board members Joshua Lounsbury and Rhonda Anderson. Both will do a great job and we are happy to have them join us. Their addition means 2 departed, Nathan Howell and Kevin Pfenning chose to step down. Nate has been involved helping make decisions the last few years and helped with permits for the club. Kevin Pfenning finished his second stint on the board serving for 8 years I believe. He gave a tremendous amount of time to the club helping in every aspect. He finished as treasurer and went above and beyond even helping when he was not able to fish. Thank you both from all of us. Patrick Walker was voted to Treasurer. The biggest change to 2015 will be at weigh ins, Bob Volz who has been the man behind the scale for the last 11 years decided he wanted to watch from the other side. Larry Talley was voted in and has big shoes to fill.

Your 2015 Board Members are-

Brock Morrow/Chairman——–Larry Talley/Weigh master——-Gary Franta/Secretary

Patrick Walker/Treasurer———–Bob Volz————Rhonda Anderson—–Joshua Lounsbury

We have a Board meeting planned for Feb. 8th 2pm, Wildcat Pizza. This is a Board meeting however everyone is welcome to attend. If you have any recommendations for 2015 please call, text, or e-mail me so I can put them on the agenda.

Thank You-

Brock Morrow-Chairman


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