Nipa News August 2014

Nipa News August 2014

What an awesome year. Here we are headed into the Big Point events with a log jam for the top 3 spots. Each of the next 2 events has a possible 8 point swing. CRAZY. Newcomers Brian Basler and Chad Davenport Lead the way, they have been a great addition to our club bringing great attitudes, and a competitive skill set for our toothy friends. They have logged 4 of 5 events with full creels. Awesome job. Boy Wonder and I are a half point behind. I have continued fine tuning my netting abilities and Dustin keeps catching, Hey if it is not broke don’t fix it!!!! Patrick & Larry, Dan & Shane, Kevin & Justus are all within the next 5 points with many more on their tails. Brian and Chad have the biggest full creel so far at 25.24 and Joshua and Nate have big fish at 10.42#. Exciting!!!!!!

September 6th & 7th is the Fall Frenzy on Noxon Rapids Reservoir. BBQ Saturday at our contributor, Lakeside Resort. (800) 827-4458 for room reservations. Other places to stay are North Shore campground, Trout creek resort, or Steve Vanek sisters place. Lakeside owners John and Julie have been very good to us over the years and provide a place to park and charge boats, bar and grill on site, Laundromat and a brand new sport shop this year. You can also get your license there.

Noxon has produced the most 20# class fish of any of our events. With a club record 2 day total of 80# 2oz. Last year 49# 7oz won and 14 of 20 full creels, so we expect to see some good fish.

Saturday Night we will have a club meeting and set next year’s schedule. If you have input and will not be there please contact me so I can represent you. I will be contacting team captains before Noxon with some questions to help get 2015 season going. Every member’s voice counts so please call if you have ideas. Thank each and every one of you for making our club a blast to be involved with. I love our events, our membersand our association. We have a few challenges in our future that we will have to overcome and I believe that as a group we can continue to keep this going.

Honored To Serve You,

Brock Morrow-Chairman

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